Wednesday, March 2, 2022

A Study of Prophecy - Handout - The Conclusion


An authentication of the Revelation itself, by God Rev 22:6-7, an authentication of the John, by the Angel that gave John the Revelation Rev 22:8-9,


Not to seal up the words of the prophecy Rev 22:10. This is connected to what Daniel was told. Daniel's prophecies covered such large periods of time, and he had trouble understanding them, certainly those hearing them would have difficulty as well, so Daniel was told to seal up the prophecy until the "time of the end". At that time (now), much prophecy would be fulfilled and understood. John's prophecies could be understood as could Daniel's in light of those fulfilled, so John was not told to seal them up Dan 12:4, Dan 12:8-9. The purpose for the return of Jesus, to distribute rewards for the redeemed and judgment for the unrighteous Rev 22:12.

A declaration of the eternal nature of the Messiah Rev 22:13, the blessings of those who have washed their robes Rev 22:14, And finally, the characteristics of the un-redeemed. (The "outside" place is the Lake of Fire.) Rev 22:15.

Affirmation of Christ

Jesus affirms that the Revelation is His to give, and it is He that gave it to the churches Rev 22:16.

The Invitation of the Holy Spirit and the Church

The reader is invited by the Holy Spirit and the Church to be a part of all this that is going on. While the Holy Spirit is the one who convicts, and does the calling and regeneration, it is the Church that presents the gospel message. The Church and the Holy Spirit work together in this task Rev 22:17. A warning is given against adding or removing from scripture. Adding or removing portions of the scripture are the frequent practice of cults, such as the Mormon and their Book of Mormon and Christian Science with their Key to the Scriptures, and many others. Also included in this list are those who hold to a partial inspiration or no inspiration of the scriptures. The warning is stark. Those who fail to heed these warnings are destined for the Lake of Fire Rev 22:18-19.

The Closing

The Bible closes out with an affirmation once again of Jesus, and a benediction Rev 22:20-21.

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