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A study of Prophecy - Handout - Between the Millennial Kingdom and the Eternal State

The Millennial Kingdom is the most ideal state of earth since the Garden of Eden. It was not a perfect environment to live in, however conditions were greatly improved with a great reduction of sin and death. A large number of unregenerate mankind will be present at the end of the Millennial period. After the 1000 years, mankind will face one final test.

Between the Millennial Kingdom and the Eternal State

The Loosing of Satan and the Final Invasion of Israel

Satan is released from the Abyss to deceive the nations. He will be defeated quickly and thrown into the Lake of Fire Rev 20:7-10. Following this, all authority at this point will be transferred from Jesus to God the Father 1Co 15:24-28.

The Great White Throne Judgment

After the conclusion of the Millennial Kingdom, a judgment of unbelievers called the "The Great White Throne Judgment" will take place with Jesus as judge Joh 5:22, Rev 20:11-12. This judgment will mete out varying degrees of punishment Mat 11:20-24, Luk 12:47-48, Joh 19:11. Books are opened to determine fate - The Book of Life - Contains the names of every person ever born Psa 139:16, Rev 3:5. Unbelievers names are blotted out of the Book of Life Psa 69:27-28. The Lamb's Book of Life - This book is a list of the names of every person who is born again. Rev 13:8, Rev 17:8.

The Second Resurrection

In preparation for the Great White Throne Judgment, unbelievers are resurrected for judgment. They receive resurrection bodies and will live forever Rev 20:13.

The Second Death - The Lake of Fire

Following the Great White Throne Judgment. the judgment will be carried out. The eternal abode of the unbeliever will be the Lake of Fire Rev 20:14-15.

Notes on Hades, Hell, Lake of Fire, Abraham's Bosom and Paradise (Luk 23:43). In Old Testament times, "Hades" (Greek) or "Sheol" (Hebrew) had two compartments. One side was "Abraham's Bosom" or "Paradise", a temporary place of comfort for believers, and the other side is "Hell", a temporary place of torment for unbelievers Luk 16:22-23, Luk 16:23-25, Luk 16:28). When Jesus died he removed the sin of the Old Testament believers, and they went to Heaven Rom 3:25, Heb 9:15, Eph 4:8-10. Today, Abraham's Bosom / Paradise, the comfort side of Hades does not exist any longer, for New Testament saints do not go to Abraham's Bosom / Paradise, but to Heaven Heb 12:22-24, 2Co 5:8, Php 1:23.

The Eternal State

In the Old Testament, the Messianic Kingdom is the high point of scripture, and in the New Testament it is the Eternal State that is the high point of scripture.

The Passing of the Old Order

This passage echoes Rev 20:11, where it is said that "the earth and heavens fled from His presence". Following the destruction of the old earth and old heaven, a new heaven and new earth are created. In this new earth, there is no longer any sea Rev 21:1.

The New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem is said to come down out of heaven. The New Jerusalem current exists in the "third heaven", and will come down to rest on earth Rev 21:2, Gal 4:26. By faith, Abraham looked forward to the future New Jerusalem Heb 11:9-10. The New Jerusalem is described at the place where all the saved go Heb 12:22-24. The triune God will live in the New Jerusalem, as will the entire angelic hosts, and all the redeemed from all ages. The curse and it's effects will no longer exist and we will truly live in a pre-fall condition Rev 21:3-4. The thirsty will be able to drink the water of life Rev 21:5-8.

The New Jerusalem

Additional details regarding the New Jerusalem will be covered here in Rev 21:9 to Rev 22:5. What can be known about it is quite limited.

First, there is an elaboration of the Holy City in Rev 21:2 - Rev 21:9-10. Next we have a description of the New Jerusalem. It is unimaginable in beauty and glory Rev 21:11, Rev 21:12-13, the city foundations described Rev 21:14-17, the entire city is constructed of precious gems and transparent gold. The city gates are made of pearls, a single pearl for each gate Rev 21:18-21. In addition to no more seas, the temple is missing because God and Jesus are the temple. The sun and moon are missing because the glory of God and Jesus is it's light. There is also no more night Rev 21:22-24, there is a source of water called the "river of life" Rev 22:1. On each side of the river stood the "tree of life". This is the same "tree of life" that was in the Garden (Gen 2:9, Gen 3:22-24). Mankind was not allowed to eat the fruit of the tree of life in the garden for it would enable him to live forever, which would not be good in the fallen state. In the Eternal State mankind has been redeemed and has eternal life, and the tree is good to eat, for it brings healing to the nations.

Note that the word "month" is used in Rev 22:2, so there is some kind of time passing and keeping going on in the eternal state. But since there is no longer a sun or moon, timekeeping will be something different than what we have today.

The word "healing" of the leaves of the tree of life in Rev 22:2 is not used to heal sick people, since there is no longer any sickness. The leaves are health giving to the nations.

There will be a total absence of the curse in the New Jerusalem Rev 22:3-4, Rev 22:5 expands on Rev 21:24 which says there will be no night in the New Jerusalem.

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