Thursday, December 9, 2010

End Times Update: 12/09/2010

Signs in the Heavens
Aliens and UFOs
Link - You Tube Video  - Hal Lindsay - Are UFO's Real? - Hal weighs in.

Signs in the Earth
Link - Huge Locust Swarm Heads for Victoria

Link - Unknown Killer Disease On The Loose In Uganda
Link - H1Ni Vaccine Linked to 700% Increase in Miscarriages

Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Link - Volcano erupts in central Ecuador, villagers flee
Link - Eruption Alert: More Indonesian Volcanoes Getting Restless  - Volcano's continue to make news with eruptions around the world.
Link - UN Climate Concern Morphs into Chemtrail Glee Club -  Cancun is the news spot this week as the UN meets to find solutions to global warming.
New World Order
LinkLights Out for Incandescents - What's up with incandescents, and when to start stocking up, if you want to keep using them.
LinkThe Abdication of the West - What is really up with the UN in Cancun

The Mark of the Beast
Link - Scientists Attach Barcodes to Mouse Embryos
Link - MasterCard Develops Payment Solution for UID - Remember the article about India launching a National e-Government ID system? It's growing.  Link Here
Falling Away

Link - Evangelical Lutheran Theologian Advocates Transhumanism

Worshiping Other Gods
Link - Cancun talks start with a call to the gods
Link - Pagan Prisoners Given Time Off to Worship the Sun God

The Spiritual Realm

Link - How to Become Immortal: Upload Your Mind - You can't make this stuff up, these people are dead serious. But I ask, what about the soul folks?