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Handout - Messianic Kingdom - Facets of Israel's Restoration

Israel in the Kingdom - Four Facets of Israel's Final Restoration

The Regeneration of Israel on the Basis of The New Covenant

Israel's regeneration comes as a result of their repentant hearts and crying out for Messiah to return. Jesus lamented over Jerusalem as His crucifixion drew near, saying that the Jewish people would not see Him again until the cried out for the Messiah Mat 23:37-39, and they respond in sorrow Zec 12:10, which will lead to their salvation, which is yet to come, Isa 59:20-21, Isa 29:22-24, Isa 44:1-5, Isa 45:17, resulting in "all Israel being saved" Rom 11:25-27, Jer 31:31-34.

Other passages speaking of Israel's future regeneration include: (Jer 24:7, Jer 50:19-20, Eze 11:19-20, Eze 36:25-27, Hos 1:10-11 to Hos 2:1, Hos 14:4-8, Joel 2:28-32, Mic 7:18-20, Zep 3:9-13).

The Regathering of Israel on the Basis of the Land Covenant

As a result of Israel's repentant heart, which is an outworking of the Tribulation period of the final 7 of 490 years probation for sin, they will be restored to the land expanding to include the entirety of the boundaries originally promised to them. The text supporting Israel's return to the land following regeneration is found in Deu 29:1-29 continuing with Deu 30:1-20. The outworking of this covenant is foretold by Isaiah and several other prophets Isa 11:11-12, Isaiah sees regenerated Israel being gathered up one by one Isa 27:12-13, from the whole world Isa 43:5-7. Jeremiah speaks to this regathering as a monumental event Jer 16:14-15. Jesus, in the Olivet Discourse speaks about this regathering at the conclusion of the Tribulation period Mat 24:29-31.

Other passages that speak about the second regathering are: (Jer 23:3-4, Jer 23:7-8, Jer 31:7-10, Eze 11:14-18, Eze 36:24, Amos 9:14-15, Zep 3:18-20, Zec 10:8-12).

For additional detail regarding the regeneration and regathering of Israel to their land see: (

The Possession of the Land on the Basis of the Abrahamic Covenant

Although Israel was promised the land in the everlasting and unconditional Abrahamic and Land Covenants, their use of the land was conditional. While Israel in it's unregenerate state repeatedly turned away from the Lord and lost the use of the land, the prophets have made it clear that at Israel's regeneration at the end of the Tribulation period, they will satisfy the requirements for the use of the land.

A sequence of events leading up to this are, Abraham told to go to this land that Israel was to be given Gen 12:1, Abraham would be made into a great nation (of Israel) Gen 12:2-3, the land would be given to his offspring Gen 12:7, his offspring would be his own flesh and blood Gen 15:3-4, the boundaries of this land were defined Gen 15:18-21, the covenant was confirmed to Isaac, Abraham's flesh and blood descendant Gen 26:2-5, the covenant was confirmed to Jacob, Abraham's flesh and blood descendant Gen 28:13-15.

Below is the prophetic string showing that Israel's future regeneration will finally meet the conditions required to actually possess and use the land. The Levitical Law Lev 26:40-45, God remembers the land, Isa 30:23-26, Isa 35:1-2, Isa 65:21-24, Jer 31:11-14. God has promised to bring Israel back to their land Eze 20:42-44.

Other passages that speak of the use and blessing of the land are (Deu 30:5, Isa 27:12, Jer 31:1-6, Eze 28:25-26, Eze 34:25-31, Eze 36:8-15, Eze 36:28-38, Joel 2:18-27, Joel 3:18, Amos 9:13)

The Reestablishment of the Davidic Throne on the Basis of the Davidic Covenant

A fourth facet of Israel's restoration has to do with the throne of David in Jerusalem, from which Jesus will rule with a rod of iron. As referenced earlier, the passages that speak of this Davidic Covenant are 2Sa 7:11-16 and 1Ch 17:10-14.

Jesus will be raised as King Jer 23:5-6, a wise King over a kingdom that will never end Isa 9:6-7, Psa 89:3-4, Psa 89:29, Psa 89:34-37 due to a covenant which can never be broken Jer 33:20-22. Amos speaks about the Davidic Covenant as David's fallen shelter Amos 9:11-12, (cf. Act 15:1-17). Luke records his understanding that the child, Jesus is destined to be great and to be given the throne of His father David, and that this kingdom will never end Luk 1:32-33.

Other Characteristics of Israel's Final Restoration

These are some characteristics that may or may not be related to a specific covenant, but nonetheless show additional characteristics of Israel's regeneration and regathering in the land.

Israel is reunited as a nation Jer 3:18, Eze 37:21-22, the center of Gentile attention Isa 14:1-2, Isa 49:22-23, Isa 60:1-3, Isa 61:4-9, Mic 7:14-17, Zep 3:20, Zec 8:23. Righteousness, Holiness, Peace, Security, Joy and Gladness will characterize the Kingdom Isa 32:16-20, Isa 35:5-10, Isa 51:3, Isa 55:12-13, Isa 61:10-11.

The Millennial Mountain of Jehovah's House

Passages referring to the Millennial Mountain (Isa 2:2-4, Isa 27:13, Isa 56:6-8, Isa 66:20, Mic 4:1-2, Eze 17:22-24, Eze 20:40-41, Eze 40:1-4, Eze 45:1-8, Eze 48:8-20)

The Millennial Temple

Passages referring to the Millennial Temple (Eze 37:26-28, Eze 40:5 to Eze 43:27). Also (Isa 60:13, Dan 9:24, Joel 3:18, Hag 2:7, Hag 2:9)

The Millennial System of Priesthood and Sacrifice

Passages referring to the system of priesthood and sacrifice (Eze 44:1 to Eze 46:24, Jer 3:16). Also (Isa 56:6-7, Isa 60:7, Isa 66:18-23, Jer 33:18, Mal 3:3-4, Zec 14:16-21).

The Millennial River

Passages that refer to the Millennial River are (Eze 47:1-12, Joel 3:18, Zec 14:8)

Millennial Israel

Passages that refer to Millennial Israel are (Eze 47:13 to Eze 48:29)

Millennial Jerusalem

Passages that refer to Millennial Jerusalem are (Eze 48:30-35, Psa 48:1-13, Psa 87:1-7, Psa 122:1-9, Psa 147:2-3, Psa 147:12-14, Psa 147:15, Psa 147:19-21, Isa 1:26-27, Isa 4:3-6, Isa 14:32, Isa 33:20-24, Isa 54:1-2, Isa 52:7-10, Isa 60:10-14, Isa 62:1-12, Isa 65:18-19, Isa 66:10-14, Jer 3:17, Jer 31:6, Jer 31:38-40, Jer 33:9-11, Joel 3:17, Mic 4:6-8, Zep 3:14-17, Zec 1:14-17, Zec 2:1-5, Zec 2:10-12, Zec 8:1-8, Zec 8:20-22, Zec 14:9-11, Zec 14:20-21)

Gentiles in the Messianic Kingdom

Isaiah is the key prophet that reveals the role of the Gentiles in the Millennial Kingdom. The Gentiles will be ruled by Christ Isa 11:10, Israel will possess he Gentiles and the Gentiles will be their servants Isa 14:1-2, the Gentiles will receive justice from the King Isa 42:1, the Messiah will be a light to the Gentiles, Isa 49:5-7, Isa 56:1-8, the Gentiles will have a place in the Temple worship Isa 66:18-24, Gentile nations will be obligated to observe the Feast of Tabernacles Zec 14:16-19.

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