Thursday, December 30, 2021

A Study of Prophecy - Handout - The Messianic Kingdom - Character and Government

The Messianic Kingdom in Scripture

There is massive evidence that there will be a Kingdom in the future at which time Jesus will sit on His own throne (Rev3:21) and reign on earth from Jerusalem (Zec8:3), for 1000 years Rev20:1-4.

The Character of the Messianic Kingdom


Who may live in the Messianic Kingdom? Those that are righteous (Psa 15:1-5, Psa 24:1-6 ).

Peace With Each Other

Life in the Messianic Kingdom will be characterized by peace. Jesus Himself will teach us His ways and will judge between the nations and settle disputes Isa 2:2-4).

Peace With the Animals

The animal kingdom will be at peace with mankind once again Isa 11:6-9).


Jerusalem will be a delight forever (Isa 65:18), no more weeping or crying (Isa 65:19). Death is greatly reduced (Isa 65:20). We will build our houses and plant our gardens and enjoy the work of our hands (Isa 65:21-23). Peace with animals emphasized (Isa 65:25).

Messianic Teaching

People will come to Jerusalem, be taught the Messiah's ways (Mic 4:1-2). Jesus will judge between disputes for people and nations, war will no longer exist (Mic 4:3). All people will be experience peace and security because God has spoken (Mic 4:4), Mic 4:5).

The Government of the Messianic Kingdom

The reign of the Messiah from David's throne in Jerusalem (2Sa 7:7-16 and 1Ch 17:9-14) was a Covenant (Davidic) (2Ch 7:18, 2Ch 21:7, Psa 89:3-4).

Jesus as King - Establishment of the Throne -(Psa 2:6-8, Isa 9:5-6, Isa 16:5, Jer 23:5-6, Jer 33:14-17, Zec 14:9, Luk 1:30-33).

Jesus as King - The Character of His Reign - (Psa 2:9, Rev 12:5, Rev 19:15, Psa 24:7-10, Psa 72:1-20, Isa 11:1-5).

The Gentile Branch of Government - The Church and Tribulation Saints

Rev 20:4-6 - The Raptured, "those who had been given authority to judge", and Trib Saints "those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus" will rule with Christ.

The Gentile Branch of Government - The Kings

The nations will have kings over them (Psa 72:10-11).

The Jewish Branch of Government - David, King and Prince

The Resurrected King David will report directly to King Jesus (Jer 30:9).

Israel will be ruled by King David under the Messiah (Eze 34:23-25, Hos 3:5).

The Jewish Branch of Government - The 12 Apostles Over the 12 Tribes

The Apostles, under David, will rule over the 12 Tribes of Israel (Mat 19:28 , Luk 22:28-30).

The Jewish Branch of Government - The Princes

Under the hierarchy of Jesus, Kings, King David, the Apostles, there are princes (Isa 32:1, Eze 45:8). The resurrected Zurubbabel could very well be one of the princes Hag 2:20-23 ).

The Jewish Branch of Government - Judges and Councilors

There are judges and counselors (Isa 1:26 ).

The Jewish Branch of Government - Israel Over the Gentiles

Israel is promised to be over the Gentiles (Deu 15:6, Deu 28:1, Deu 28:13, Isa 14:1-2).

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