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A Study of Prophecy - Handout - Daniel's 490 Year Vision ("Seventy 'sevens'")

The Babylonian Captivity (586BC-515BC) and the 490 Year Probationary Period

Daniel received this vision in Babylon (Dan 9:1-2). He was in Babylon was because Israel was being severely punished for breaking the Mosaic laws concerning giving their land a Sabbath rest every 7 years (Lev 25:1-7, Lev 26:34-35). The people of Israel worked the land without a Sabbath rest for 490 years, resulting in 70 years in captivity, one year for each missed Sabbath (2Ch 36:20-21, Jer 25:11-12, Jer 29:10).

Israel failed to repent of their sin during the captivity, and thus accrued an additional 490 period of probation following the captivity (Lev 26:27-28, Dan 9:25). This period can be seen as a probationary period of time during which they were lost their kingdom and were under the control of Gentile powers, a period of time known as "The Times of the Gentiles" (Luk 21:24).

The Archangel Gabriel Enlightens Daniel

Daniel, around 67 years into this 70 year captivity, had understood Jeremiah's statement in Jer 25:12 and Jer 29:10 to mean that prayer would bring an end to the captivity, bring about the establishment of the Messianic Kingdom and bring about the defeat of Babylon, so Daniel in Dan 9:3 begins to pray (Dan 9:4-23).

The Archangel Gabriel came to correct Daniel's thinking regarding the timing of the coming Messianic Kingdom. The Messianic Kingdom would not start after 70 years, but after an additional 490 years (Lev 26:27-28, Dan 9:24). That 490 years would start separately from the 70 they already served in Babylonian Captivity (Dan 9:25, Dan 9:27).

Kingdom Postponement

Due to Israel's rejection of their Messiah and His crucifixion after 483 years (Dan 9:26), the Messianic Kingdom was necessarily postponed (Mat 23:39). No king, no kingdom. It is these last 7 years of Tribulation that will bring an end to the probationary period of 490 years and initiate the establishment of the Messianic Kingdom.

This shows the Jewish nature of the last 7 years, as it is part of the 490 year probationary period that Israel must serve time for (Lev 26:27-28). Gentiles have never been under Jewish law, and were not subject to the 70 year captivity, nor the 490 year probationary period. The 490 years simply does not apply to them.

Additionally it shows a gap in Israel's kingdom between the 483 years and the 7 years. Prior to the Babylonian Captivity, Israel was a kingdom. That kingdom was dissolved when Israel was taken into captivity. After serving 70 years of captivity, Israel was still unrepentant, and incurred an additional 490 year probationary period during which time Israel would still be without a kingdom. The 1st coming of Jesus occurred right on time for Him to assume Kingship over the Messianic Kingdom. However, Israel's return to their land was cut short at 483 years when Jesus was crucified, and the loss of the Kingdom would last for another 1900 plus years up till today. But the return to the Kingdom is drawing nigh, and will be complete at the end of the Tribulation during which time the last 7 of the 490 years probation will be served.

Jesus arrived on earth at just the right time for Israel to complete their probationary period of 490 years and to establish the Messianic Kingdom. If He was "cut off" at 33 years old at year 483, then he arrived at approximately year 450AD, and would have been approximately 40 years old at year 490 if He had not been crucified, a reasonable age for initiating His Messianic Kingdom.

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