Monday, July 6, 2020

What Just Happened While We Weren't Looking!?

The SCOTUS and “The Civil Rights Act”

In 1964, a law was passed called "The Civil Rights Act". In this  law was a provision (Title VII) prohibiting discrimination (of women) on  the basis of "sex". This precept was about affording women rights equal  to that of men.

What the SCOTUS did on that Monday, June 15,  2020, was to redefine the term "sex" as it was defined in Title VII of  the Civil Rights Act to mean "sexual orientation" of all types,  homosexuality, transgenderism, and so on. No longer does "sex" mean the  biological sex of a man vs. a woman, but now it means "sexual  orientation" of any type. Yes, I mean now, this was their ruling on June  15th.

What the SCOTUS did is create new legislation, something  that only the Legislative branch of our government has the authority to  do. If the Supreme court followed textualism, strictly adhering to what  the text of Title VII actually said, as they should do, then there is no  way they would have interpreted this law as speaking of anything except  a man and a woman's biological sex.

Expanding beyond the text  of Title VII was a bold usurpation of the authority of the Legislative  branch of government by the Judiciary. Only the Legislative branch has  the authority to create new laws, and they were in the process of  attempting legally to do so via The Equality Act. It is likely that The  Equality Act can now be dropped since the Judiciary, in redefining what  "sex" meant in Title VII, effectually accomplished much or all of what  the Equality Act was seeking.


The separation of powers has been dealt a devastating blow as the  Judiciary usurped the authority of the Legislative branch of our  government by a 6-3 vote. This is particularly disturbing because the  members of the Legislature are in place as representatives of the  people. The people have a direct affect on what laws are created through  legislative representation (Congress and the House). The Judiciary is  appointed for life. They do not represent the people, as all they are to  do is render opinions regarding the law. When such a small group of 9  justices usurps the Legislative branch, and moves from rending opinions  to changing the law, the people are no longer represented in the  creation of law, and this opens the door to Tyranny. This is a  disturbing development on the part of the Supreme Court of the United  States.

Read this for additional information:…/horowitz-conservative…/

But This Is Nothing New

We have been watching for the last 3  months as the Executive branch of our government has been raiding the  Legislative branch as well.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have  seen wave after wave of governors, mayors, and local authorities  (Executive branch) issue "executive orders" which in effect have created  "laws" governing the wearing of masks, social distancing, closing of  businesses, and so on.
While "emergency powers" should be  available for crisis, the last three months has been a sufficient length  of time to overcome "emergency" status and return law making to the  Legislature, where it belongs, but that has not happened. Governors and  local governments are continuing to govern by "executive order" and  excluding the Legislative branch.

The blurring of the lines  of separation of powers in American government should be extremely  disturbing for every American. When the highest court in the land starts  engaging in this behavior, something is seriously wrong. Tyranny  happens when a small unelected and unaccountable group gets the power to  create the laws. Our system of three branches of government was  specifically set up to ensure that the creation of law was based on  representation. If this trend continues, and the Supreme Court's  participation in this is ominous, we will loose the ability to govern  ourselves through a representative form of government.

As  bad as all that is, we now need to stop and consider what this new  "Judicial legislation" actually contains. It is especially disturbing  not only to people of faith, but to all of us. The following article  covers just some of the impacts of this law, and is something all people  of faith should know about. This is going to affect all of our lives  from now onward.…/horowitz-scotus-decis…/

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