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Handout - Matthew Chapter 7:21-29 - Never Knew You, House on the Rock

by Stan Feldsine (

Matt 7:21-23 - I Never Knew You

Entrance to the Kingdom - This passage is speaking of "on that day" when some "will enter" the coming Messianic Kingdom. The "I will tell them" is speaking of the future Sheep and Goat judgment that determines who enters the Kingdom (Mat 25:31-34). The parable of the 10 Virgins is also speaking of this judgment (Mat 25:10-13).

Doing the Will of God - Looking at Tribulation passages indicates that "doing the will of God" involves believing what He says and acting accordingly. The inclusion of "acting accordingly" reveals that this is a period in which Jesus is greatly concerned with His people Israel and the treatment they receive from the nations. "Acting accordingly" is not works based salvation, but rather is a demonstration of faith and belief in what God says (Mat 25:35-36). Another passage that speaks of the Sheep and Goat judgment in the future as it relates to the people of Israel is found in Joel chapter 3 (Joe 3:1-2).

Knowing the Lord - Entrance into the Messianic Kingdom is based upon relationship and humble surrender, not religion and religious talk. "I never knew you" speaks of a lack of intimacy. The same Greek word translated "knew" is used by Mary in defending her virginity (Luk 1:34). It is also used in the prayer of the Lord for the church (Joh 17:3).

Application For Today - While this passage is speaking of a judgment at the end of the age, just prior to the establishment of the Messianic Kingdom, an application for us today is that Jesus desires intimacy with us by His Holy Spirit. His desire is that we allow Him into the innermost parts of our mind so that He can bring transformation and behavior change. Those rejecting the Holy Spirit and determining their own way never really come into a real relationship with Jesus.

Matt 7:24-27 - House on the Rock

The "therefore" in this passage connects the parable of the house built on the rock to a summary and warning to the hearer about all that has been said previously. The Rock in the parable is the words of Jesus. The building is our response to the words of Jesus. Wisdom comes from understanding and responding to what Jesus was teaching.

The topics of the Sermon on the Mount: Being a preservative and light, Anger - a matter of the heart, Lust - a matter of the heart, Divorce - a matter of the heart, Oaths - Let your yes be yes and no be no, Retaliation, Loving our Enemies, How to Give - in secret, How to Pray - in secret, How to Fast - in secret, Laying up Treasures -Rewards, Anxiety - a matter of faith, Judging - a matter of humility, Receiving Answered Prayer - from a foundation of godly character, The Golden Rule - The sum of the law, Trees and Fruit – discernment, Knowing God Intimately – relationship.

Our ability to measure up to these standards and characteristics is dependent upon our submission to the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to regenerate us through transformation of the mind. That transformation brings change to our behavior, and enables us to grow into the Messianic standards Jesus is presenting (Rom 12:2, Tit 3:4-5, Eph 4:22-24, Rom 13:13-14, 2Co 3:18).

Naturally then, not taking these words of Jesus to heart leave one in the unenviable position of being wrecked in the storms of life. There is no rock to cling to and we are swept away.

Matt 7:28-29 - The Authority of Jesus

The people who had been gathering to hear what Jesus was saying had grown into a large crowd. They were amazed that Jesus spoke with authority (Joh 5:24-29).

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