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Handout - Matthew Chapter 3:13-17 - The Baptism of Jesus

 Matthew 3:13-15 - Jesus's Baptism

The Baptism of the King

John had just finished declaring that he was not worthy to undo the sandals on Jesus feet. Having Jesus come to John with the need to be baptized would have been intimidating for John. He responded with shock and hesitation.

"for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness", when Jesus was baptized, he fulfilled the Jewish laws, religious and civil. Since the laws were from God, Jesus shows His obedience to the law as was proper. Note that it was "proper" for "us", both Jesus and John.

First result of Jesus' baptism - His identification with the people of Israel. John's baptism prepared the hearts of the Jewish people for the arrival of the kingdom. Jesus' baptism bound Him to Israel in that purpose. Second - to validate John and his message, Third is the introduction of the Messiah to Israel (Joh 1:29-34), Forthly Jesus anointed by the Holy Spirit (Act 10:37-38).

Matthew 3:16-17 - Divine Validation

Divine Validation of the King

"like a dove", indicates that John saw something, not a dove, but something like a dove. Whatever it was we are told that it was the Spirit of God, and that it alighted on Jesus. This fulfilled the Old Testament expectations of the divine power of the Messiah (Isa 61:1), and Jesus later claimed this passage to be speaking of Himself (Luk 4:18).

The third participant from the trinity, the voice of the Father also declares the divine nature of Jesus, "This is my son....", as the Jewish people would have recognized this from (Psa 2:7).

There was no question, if the Spirit came and alighted on Jesus, and the pronouncement of Jesus as God's promised Son, then He was the Messiah.

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