Saturday, November 20, 2010

End Times Update: 11/20/2010

Signs in the Earth 
Will the World Worship the Antichrist's 3-D Hologram?
A link to the LA Times article is below, it is both, amazing to watch the technology, and very strange to watch a full stadium of concert goers who's attention is on a hologram...
Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku takes the stage -- as a 3-D hologram 

Ancient Enemy Looms in Legions of Biblical Scale
This is an update on the Australian locust plague.

The Spiritual Realm
The Abyss

Child of Krakatoa Volcano Active Every 5 Minutes

Below are links to a fascinating series written by Sue Bradley. In this series, she covers the end times spiritual significance of volcanoes as portals to the "abyss", and the likelihood that the volcanic activity we are seeing today is a precursor to the "first woe", aka 5th trumpet during the tribulation . In the articles she also references other events of end times significance that are not readily apparent to most of us. She has deep insight into spiritual realm, and these articles are fascinating reading for Christians.
KRAKATAU - The Father, The Son, and The Tongues of Fire   Part One
ANAK Krakatau: The Father, The Son and The Tongues of Fire    Part Two
ANAK Krakatau: The Father, The Son and The Tongues of Fire   Part Three
ANAK Krakatau: The Father, The Son and The Tongues of Fire   Part Four
Falling Away
Pope Benedict - The Bible Can't Be Taken Literally
This must be difficult for Catholic's who are born again Christians.

Iranian Pastor Accused of Thought Crime To Die By Hanging

Glory to God!
Biology Faces a Quantum Leap Into the Incomprehensible
This is a really interesting article that made me think once again; who can know the mind of God, his thoughts are so much greater that ours. Who can know the complexities of His creation.

A really cool Cell Size and Scale demonstration.

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